Thai Tongkat Ali, 400 capsules @ 300 mg

Thai Tongkat Ali, 400 capsules @ 300 mg

Superior packaging: double-layer, food-grade paper bags within a plastic container; no contiguity of our capsules with the exterior container)

Why you want superior packaging

1 bottle of 400 capsules of 300 mg (120 grams net)

Detailed dosage advice for tongkat ali extract

Recommended dosages are 2 to 6 capsules morning, noon, evening. Because a definite effect needs 10 to 20 capsules of high potency extract per day, we sell encapsulated Thai tongkat ali extract in containers of 400 capsules.

tongkat ali stamina booster

1 bottle (400 caps), 85 USD

2 bottles (800 caps), 136 USD

4 bottles (1600 caps), 218 USD

Payment can also be made to a bank account in Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, or the UK, in US dollars, euro, or pounds, or through a money sending service. Please email us for euro and pounds prices and bank details or money sending options.

3 bottles butea 400 capsules

1 bottle (400 caps), 80 USD or equivalent

2 bottles (800 caps), 128 USD or equivalent

4 bottles (1600 caps), 205 USD or equivalent